Automatic Fabric Cutting and Marking Machine

Kolon Kesme ve Markalama Makinesi

This is a very efficient machine to automatically cut and mark big quantities of webbing
and belts. It is very easy to operate

The cutting and marking process can be done automatically. To check the quantity of
the cut belts, a counter screen is available on the panel.

To provide good operating conditions, the material has to be rolled properly. The belt
rolls are placed inside the roll containers which is placed on the side of the machine. The
width of the cutting knife is 230cm which gives you an advantage of cutting 4 belts of
50mm width at a time simultaneously. The machine stops automatically when the preadjusted
total quantity is reached.

The working output depends on the cut length. The running speed is 65 meters/minute.
Cutting and marking process is done in 2 seconds.


  kolon kesme ve markalama makinesi
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